Misc D Vehicle Insurance
Misc D Vehicle Insurance

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About Misc D Insurance

What is Misc D Insurance?

Misc D vehicles are basically vehicles that are used for commercial purposes, such as tractors, cranes, excavators, harvesters, goods carrying vehicles, etc. These types of vehicles can be used for a special purpose by the insured person or by the insured’s employees.

Since the Motor Vehicles Act passed in 1988, it has become essential for vehicle owners to protect their vehicles by insuring them. Therefore, various companies offer motor insurance plans for Misc D vehicles in order to protect them in case of any damage, loss, or injury.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

What Does Misc D Vehicle Insurance Cover?

The insurance plan for Misc D vehicles provides the following coverage to the policyholder:

  • Damage OR Loss Of The Vehicle Insured
  • Liability To Third Parties
  • Towing Disabled Vehicles
  • Personal Accident Cover For Owner-Driver

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