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Know more about insurance claims

A formal request which is made by a policyholder to an insurer for compensation/coverage for a policy event or loss (covered under the policyholder’s plan) is termed as ‘insurance claim’.

Whenever a claim is raised, the insurer has the complete right to either validate or deny the claim depending on the approval process. The insurer issues the payment to the policyholder or third-party or approved interested party, post the approval of the claim.

Insurance Claims

Process to file an insurance claim

These are some of the common steps that one could follow in case a claim needs to be made by the insured or beneficiary:

  • You can get in touch with the insurance company or broker (from where you have bought the insurance)
  • Keep the required documents or information handy. This will help you immensely to speeden up the claim process
  • Follow the instructions as recommended by the insurer and file a claim. The claim can be made both online or offline
  • Insurance companies try to make the claim process as smooth as possible but the insured must address certain steps during the claim process. If you have all the required information and documents, making an insurance claim is quite easy and stress-free. Using our online portal, you can quickly register a claim without worrying about from which insurer the policy is bought from. We ensure that you experience a seamless claim process without any hassle.